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AI audit
To identify solutions and optimizations

AI audit

Our enterprise AI audit service aims to revolutionise your business processes by identifying and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions tailored to your specific needs. Here's how we do it:

Step 1: Meet and discuss
We start with a series of meetings with your business teams and decision-makers. The aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of your challenges, objectives and current processes. We establish an open dialogue to identify pain points and areas where AI could add significant value.

Step 2: Analysis and Opportunity Identification
Using our AI expertise, we analyse the information gathered to identify opportunities for improvement and optimisation. Whether in logistics, production, after-sales service, finance, human resources or any other area, we identify the AI solutions that are most relevant to your business.

Step 3: Personalised recommendations
We provide detailed, customised recommendations, including specific AI solutions that could be implemented. These recommendations cover technical, organisational and strategic aspects, ensuring the smooth integration of AI into your operations.

Step 4: Implementation Plan
We develop a detailed implementation plan, including the steps required to deploy the recommended AI solutions. This includes selecting appropriate technologies, defining key performance indicators (KPIs) and planning the necessary resources.

Step 5: Monitoring and Ongoing Optimisation
Once the AI solutions have been implemented, we provide regular monitoring to measure results and optimise processes on an ongoing basis. We remain at your disposal to adjust the solutions in line with your changing needs and new technological opportunities.

Benefits of our AI Audit Service
Customised approach:
Solutions tailored specifically to your challenges and objectives.
Cutting-edge expertise: A team of AI experts at the forefront of the latest technologies and practices.
Process optimisation: Gains in productivity, efficiency and quality in your operations.
Full support: From identifying opportunities to implementation and follow-up, we’re with you every step of the way.

By choosing our AI audit service, you are opting for innovation and excellence to transform your business processes and guarantee a sustainable competitive advantage.

AI Workshop

Our AI Workshop service is designed to support companies with a specific problem by providing them with a tailor-made artificial intelligence (AI) technical solution. Thanks to our collaboration with Zazmic and Google, we are able to offer the best solutions on the market, tailored to your specific needs.

1. Identifying the problem:
We start with an in-depth listening and analysis phase to understand your company’s specific problem. Whether it’s in logistics, production, after-sales service, finance, human resources or any other area, we identify precisely the need that AI can meet.

2. Collaboration with Zazmic and Google:
In partnership with Zazmic and Google, we leverage the most advanced technologies and industry best practices to design a bespoke technical solution. Our partners contribute their expertise and resources to guarantee the quality and effectiveness of the solutions proposed.

3. Designing the Technical Solution:
Our AI experts work closely with your teams to design a technical solution tailored to your problem. This includes data modelling, the development of specific algorithms, and the integration of the solution into your existing processes.

4. Implementation and testing:
We implement the developed solution and carry out a rigorous testing phase to ensure its effectiveness and performance. This stage ensures that the solution meets your identified needs and that it integrates seamlessly into your operations.

5. Training and support:
To ensure successful adoption of the solution, we offer training sessions for your teams, as well as ongoing support to answer any questions and optimise the use of the AI solution implemented.

Benefits of our AI Workshop Service:

  • Tailor-made solutions: Specific answers to your unique problems.
  • Advanced technologies: Use of the best technologies and practices thanks to our partnerships with Zazmic and Google.
  • Advanced Expertise: A team of AI experts dedicated to the success of your project.
    Seamless integration: Solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing processes.
  • Ongoing Support: End-to-end support, from design to implementation and beyond.

By choosing our AI Workshop service, you benefit from a collaborative and innovative approach to solving your business problems with cutting-edge AI solutions. Together, we can turn your challenges into opportunities and make artificial intelligence a lever for your business success.

Thanks to our partnership and subject to eligibility, your workshop is 100% funded by Google and Zazmic. Contact us to find out if you too can benefit from a free workshop.

AI solutions​

Our expertise will help you find the best IA solutions to your problems. Our aim is to work with you to build effective, sustainable processes by harnessing the power of the best AI solutions on the market.

AI Training, speeches, webinars

We organise events (not eligible for CPF) in companies and company networks to demonstrate the full power of AI, particularly when it comes to analysing data in business processes and decision-making.

We also speak at conferences on AI and digital, such as SIDO (Paris and Lyon), Web3 Innovation (Lyon), Oséades (Annecy), etc. Our expertise in AI and digital is recognised throughout France.

Don’t hesitate to call on us to train your teams or help them upgrade their skills.